Cali invited Marilyn and myself to capture some fun light trail photos at a club in downtown San Diego called Voyer. She was able to get the three of us on a free guest list to attend the CIRCUS show and thought it might be a fun opportunity to play with our DSLR cameras. Unfortunately, the staff informed us that the camera policy had changed recently to tune of no big cameras allowed inside without prior notice. Aw shucks :(.

We debated for a few minutes as to whether or not we should still attend the show. Ultimately, we came to the conclusion that we were already here and we should just make the most of it. Of course that also meant that we needed to trek back to the car and put our cameras away before the show began.

As it happens, a number of the performers were parading along the street in front of the club just before the show trying to enlist some additional customers and work the crowd a bit. Since we still had our camera gear, I figured I may as well get a few shots. As luck would have it, Cali recognized an old acquaintance amongst the performers on the street. Continue reading “Voyer CIRCUS”

Waterfront Of Lights

I stopped at Harbor Island on Friday after work to see if I could get a decent shot of the skyline. I have been wanting to try this shot for a long time now, but it always seems that when I leave work I make like a homing pigeon and drive straight home rather than taking the time explore.  I no regrets that I did!

This image is a panographic image composed of five vertical shots.

Downtown San Diego
Waterfront of Lights

Canon 40D + EF24-70mm f/2.8L USM @ f/11, 3.2 seconds, ISO 320